Our Mission

A Safe Haven For All Regenerative Medicine Therapies

Three Aspens Regenerative Medicine is committed to provide dignified, honest and professional cellular  and acellular therapies for the purpose of treating inflammatory/degenerative diseases as well as osteopathic manipulative treatment and light/energy based treatments to all who seek it.





40 Years

of professional

Why Choose Us?

The advantages of our Regenerative Medicine Therapies are:

Three Aspens Regenerative Medicine Quick, minimally invasive treatments
Three Aspens Regenerative Medicine Same day procedures with minimal downtime
Three Aspens Regenerative Medicine Less pain compared to traditional treatments
Three Aspens Regenerative Medicine Decreases dependence on assistive devices
Three Aspens Regenerative Medicine Potentially eliminate reliance on medications
Three Aspens Regenerative Medicine Long-term treatment benefits

We adhere to the height of ethical and medical standards in addition to following all federal and state regulations that ultimately protect the health of all of our patients. Our strict compliance with protocol, advanced training, and continual evaluation of our technology ensure our ability to go beyond the status quo in ensuring a patient’s treatment is executed safely and effectively.

Trusted Leader In Regenerative Medicine

Our Vision

At Three Aspens Regenerative Medicine, we aim to be a one-stop clinic for all patients who are tired of ineffective medications or risk major surgical interventions. With an inherent emphasis on transparency, honesty, integrity, and skill, we are well-positioned to become a leader in regenerative medicine therapies with multiple locations across the United States and beyond.

Commitment To Excellence

Our Story

Three Aspens Regenerative Medicine was founded in 2017 by Dr. Melanie Baughn, DO, FAAEM, a board-certified emergency medicine physician with extensive experience in emergency and critical care medicine. We are highly committed to the principles of compassion, excellence, fortitude, integrity, intellectual curiosity, and outstanding manual dexterity. These attributes are all reinforced by a team of well-seasoned physicians and ancillary staff with over 40 years of combined experience in the field of medicine.