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Three Aspens Regenerative Medicine provides healthcare treatment options for those seeking minimally invasive and minimal surgical techniques to address medical conditions. Through understanding the unique needs of each individual patient, Three Aspens Regenerative Medicine provides treatment in a dignified, professional, and friendly environment to all who seek it.

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Alpha 2 macroglobulin A2M is a naturally occurring chemical in the blood that can aid with chronic pain and the deterioration of cartilage. By using the patient’s own blood, your body is able to boost natural healing and slow down cartilage loss. A2M injection treatment is considered to be one of the safest regenerative medicines for cartilage breakdown or cartilage damage and to promote tissue growth.

When comparing A2M to joint surgeries like knee surgery or other treatments for cartilage degeneration and injury, injections of A2M are minimally invasive and recovery time nearly null. A2M can be used as a hip pain treatment, knee pain treatment, treatment for any arthritic joints, or those who are experiencing cartilage degeneration. A2M is also an option for those suffering from overuse like tennis elbow and other common sports injuries. A2M injections for arthritis have also proven to be greatly beneficial and can help minimize the need for additional treatments for arthritis and pain management.

If you would like to reduce or even eliminate ongoing physical therapy and pain medications, schedule an appointment to see if A2M treatment is right for you. To learn more about our regenerative therapies and if you would like to request an appointment, give us a call.

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A2M Injection Therapy

Alpha 2 macroglobulin, or A2M injection therapy, uses proven scientific techniques and natural healing methods to successfully treat osteoarthritis at its source. It is used to prevent cartilage breakdown in patients, promote tissue growth, and support the overall restoration of an affected joint. The procedure is a simple blood draw, where we process your own cell components to be injected on the same day to the affected joint. No sedation or downtime!

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